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Main Course Salads: Antipasto Pasta Salad v.2

While ago at the supermarket check-out the other day, the cashier asked me a funny question."Would you prefer wholemeal or white?" she asked."Huh?" I replied with a puzzled look on my face."Wholemeal bread or white bread?" she kindly explained."Erm ... I will take wholemeal, thanks?" I replied uncertainly.And that was when I saw a little promotional poster at the check-out counter that explained this little scene. You see, in return for not physically signing for your purchases, the supermarket would give you a free loaf of bread. Simply just tap your card on a little flat pad of equipment attached to the check-out machine to charge the payment and that loaf of bread is yours. Why not? Freebies are always welcomed.So I ended up with a giant loaf of wholemeal bread, which I have no idea what to do, and it sat there with another two compatriot which Hubby picked up from a bakery. With just days before they end up with free inedible mushrooms, I kn…

Hearty Breakfast

My sister-in-law came over bright and early to accompany our princess for a morning swim.In anticipation that they will be hungry once they finished their workout, I made what my sister-in-law termed as a “gourmet hotel breakfast”. I guess she would know more about hotel breakfasts as I don’t order breakfast on room service.Unfortunately, it rained just five minutes into their swim. But they lapped up the breakfast with hearty appetites regardless.