Sunday Dinner

Hubby made these for our Sunday dinner:

Mrs Leong's Five Spice Chicken

Ma Po Tofu

Spicy Brinjal

It has been ages since we took out Mrs Leong cookbooks, so I thought that maybe for a change we could pick out something from there. The Five Spice Chicken, which is from Mrs Leong's Festive Cooking, was supposed to be deep fried, but I asked Hubby to change that to pan fry instead. It tasted wonderful and I bet it would even taste better if used for BBQ.

After eating out for the last few days, we are already sick of outside food and it feels really good to be able to eat some home cooked food again. Better yet for me - cooked by Hubby! (^.^)


  1. pity i can't try these as i am not a fan of chillies.. haha :) *sweat*

  2. You can try the Five Spice Chicken if you like. Not spicy and I think would do beautifully under a broiler.

  3. these looks really delicious :) you're a good cook rene!

  4. Thanks Evan! The credit must go to my Hubby instead for he was Head Chef. (^.^)

  5. noticed you like your food spicy! heehee the brinjal looks really tempting!!!

  6. Yes, we both love spicy food. Even to the extend that I asked a friend of mine to bring back Sichuan peppercorns from Sichuan itself! =)


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