Frugal Living, Anyone?

It seems like there isn't a day go by when you would open up the newspaper and see something which would make your day grimmer than the one before. Perhaps the last good news I've seen on the papers in the past week was Kinokuniya will be having sale from 6 June to 6 July.

And this morning, I saw on the papers that prices for eggs and some vegetables are set to go higher due to higher transportation cost from Malaysia. Guess these 2 items aren't the only ones set to be pricier. Try going to market with S$50 and see how many things you can get and don't be surprised to see that you would leave with only one bag of groceries (and this has nothing to do with trying to save the world from plastic bags). That's wet market, not supermarket.

Perhaps it is time for me to either think about how to trim our grocery bill or how to make the same amount of food last longer. Not to mention trim our waistlines.

I don't fancy switching my food to house brands simply because the alternative sucks. Have you noticed how hard those house brand breads can become after a few days? No, thanks! For me, the obivious solution is the make the fridge your new best friend. I would rather buy an expensive loave, cut out whatever I need and refrigerate (or freeze) the rest. This will ensure that I get the most from that loave of bread.

Did I hear you say that you only like your bread soft and fresh, not hard and stale? Well, toast it (for those who like it crunchy) or steam it for a mere 5 mins. And what do you do with those leftover odds and ends? Just dump them into the food processor and make breadcrumbs, of cause! Breadcrumbs saves more fridge space than sliced bread. Now you have ready breadcrumbs to make breaded dishes or toppings for those creamy baked dishes for the extra crunch!

This is my best tip on how to maximise that S$2.30 per loave. Anyone with any other money saving tips to share?


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