Days Leading to Christmas

Just a quick update on what I have been up to these days since my posts are so infrequent.

(1) Days leading to Christmas are usually crazy. We will be having the usual Christmas dinner and apart from preparing food, I need to clean my house. Badly. We have ordered our festive goodies from Werner's Oven and fervently hope that this year's fare will be as good as the last. We do not have a Plan B.

(2) Flu bugs are upon us. We are dropping off like flies. Our holiday gifts? Flu virus.

(3) Running around. I have been shuttling between my place and my mom's. She's got it bad from the virus and needs lots of TLC. We even got her a fruit juicer to cheer her up. By the time I call it a night, I am better off dead than alive.

Our dinners these days look like this. Simple and easy on the stomach.

(4) Reading. Whenever I could manage to find pockets of free time, I sit down to Ruth Reichl's Not Becoming My Mother. Non food related. I got my copy from the library.

(5) New food forecast for this site. When I can hear myself think, which is not very often these days, I try to come up with the direction of this site for the coming year. I don't think I can beat 2010's direction in terms of simplicity but still I will try think of something.

So here's wishing all my readers a happy holiday!


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