Update on Primary 1

Our little princess has been to school for three days and so far she seems to be enjoying it. In fact, she has been enjoying a little too much.

On the first day of school, I packed her favourite tonkatsu for her recess, but on the second day, she told me she wants to try buying her own food. So I took that as a good sign and obliged her with $2 in her pocket. Later that day, she told me she bought cha-siu rice during recess. In my reckoning, that was an acceptable choice. So when she asked to buy in own food from the canteen on the third day, I thought why not. And guess what that little rascal got? Twisties! So she had her first taste of spending at will, especially to get such criminal "luxury".

One of the million worries I have for her was handling money. She still hasn't quite grasp the concept of counting money yet and has no notion of the value of money. But I guess that she will acquire those eventually. I told her that when I was in Primary 1, I couldn't count money too. To pay for what I have ordered at the canteen, I basically emptied my purse on the counter and the canteen vendor took what was owed to him/her and returned the rest to me. How simple life is to a 6 year old.

Hmm ... I wonder what she will be getting today during recess?

On the academic front, she has received her timetable and her spelling list for this term. The time table is much simplier than mine when I was in Primary 1. A single subject now last as long as 1.5 hours. This make packing of the bag so much easier. Not that there are many things to pack since most books and files are kept in the school. Her spelling list is very manageable with only 5 single words each week. When our little princess saw it, she declared that she will definitely get full marks. As compared to her kindergarten where she was doing 10 sentences a week, it is easy to understand where her over-confidence came from.

While going every step of the way with her through these primary school days, I feel that I am reminded of what it was like when I attended primary school. What big differences! And I'm glad they are positive ones. So far.


  1. Its a a relief for you, seeing her adapting rather well isn't it?

    Lower primary is still manageable but the curriculum is going to get heavier at the higher level. I find Mathematics quite tough.
    Studying is so stressful when I look at the way my nieces studied!

    Guess you are going to "drill" her everyday on what she spent on her lunch money!
    Twisties & perhaps some other junk food haha.


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