A Time For Everything

When my princess was still little, I would always tell her that there is always a time for everything. Time for nap, time for play, time for meals, time for whatever-you-do-growing-up. Now that she is all of nine years, she still needs to be reminded of this from time to time but less than previously.

Looking at her growing up, I wonder if there is a better way to bring her up and if I am making a muck of things with her life. Pondering over such questions gives me gastric attacks and makes me sigh deeply.


There are so many things that I can think of right this moment when I could have been a better parent to her and how I have failed her in many ways when the push came to shove.
But as only a daughter can, she sees no wrong in all I have done. Knowing this makes the burden heavier to bear. And as only a mother can, no burden of hers is too heavy to bear.
Just as I told her there is time for everything, the time has come for me as well. Now it is my time to step up to the plate – to be the supportive and resourceful mother she needs at this stage of her life.

Everyday I look at this sleep deprived little being and I wish devoutly that there be some way which I am able to take away her weariness and care and give her strength to rejuvenate her body, mind and soul. I think I am not alone in this fervent prayer, especially during exam periods.

I wish I have something akin to a pre-flight checklist of what to do during such times. Anybody?

If you are wondering, these photos were taken from MacRitchie Reservoir. Breathing the fresh air once in a while helps me clear my mind.


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