A Non-Chinese Chinese?

Many months ago, we were dealing with this whole horde of books.


If you look closely at the piles of books, you would have noticed that the number of Chinese books was outnumbered by their English counterpart. I have noticed that too and had hoped to remedy that situation.

Unfortunately, I am no Chinese book reader. It takes me a loooooong time just to read a paragraph in Chinese. My usual joke is that it would take me a year to read a day’s newspaper from the first page to the last. It is that bad. Seriously.

I really do not want our princess to suffer such a fate. A non-Chinese Chinese?  And to that end, I am willing to pay the price and make some effort.

As part of the push to help princess read more widely in Chinese, I have came up with this:


It nearly killed me.

We are slowly working our way through these model compositions from China. They are ultra tough even by my standards. The question that I always ask myself in disbelief is how is a primary school kid to able to write such stuff? I need to scratch my head harder on this.

I also bought this series of books which I found at Popular Bookshop. Well written and beautifully illustrated.


And of course, I had a self-improvement book for myself.


I am pretty sure that if this high dosage of Chinese haven’t killed me by end of this year, I should convince myself that I am not a hopeless case where Chinese language is concerned.


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