Improving my cooking technique

After preparing quite a few dishes, I realised that my food preparation calls for improvement in terms of presentation as well as technique. Without the proper cooking and food preparation technique is akin to driving without a licence. Yes, you know roughly how the car works, and probably would be able to get from point A to point B after running down a few pedestrians. But without proper instructions, one will probably have to run down more pedestrians to learn from practice. So when I came by Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques, I was estatic! The book is relatively easy to follow as there are so many photos showing how-to. So far, I have tried his method on how to mince an onion and it worked perfectly! Can't wait to try out his other instructions.

On the same note of improving my food prepration technique, I decided to encourage myself by buying a new multi-purpose knife despite the fact that my Global knife recommended by Anthony Boudain still sits in the drawer. My mum once bought a Japanese knife from Takashimaya before and I remember how light it was and how perfectly it sliced. So I headed back there and got myself not one but two knives! Simply cos I can't decide on which to get and since they are so cheap ($14.90 and $15.90 each). These babies cut anything like butter! It slices so effortlessly and cleanly. Now I know how the Japanese can slice so neatly. But beware, this means that I may loop off one finger and still doesn't know it. That's where the aforementioned book comes in handy!

Recommend: KAI stainless steel vegetable knife S$14.90 (Promotional price from Taka)


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