Sponge Cake

This is expriment No. 2 of my cake making.

After browsing through a couple of blogger's wonderful sponge cakes, I wondered if I should attempt to make my own. Then, a sign came. My fridge door was left ajar for 5/6 hour through the night and most of the things in it came close to room temperature! Diseaster! I had to think of ways to use all the highly perishables as I could. I had 7 eggs sitting in the fridge and that's just the number needed to make a sponge cake. Someone up there just sent me a sign, I think.

This is not my first time attempting sponge cakes, having made them as part of my Home Economics class while in school. I remember vividly that the sponge cakes I made then smells and tasted eggy. In my opinion, I would much rather have the Chinese version of steamed egg sponge cake. So when I saw all the sponge cakes were popping all over the blogs, I thought to myself that there must be something about sponge cakes that appeal to people. So I decided to give it a try again. The next decision I had to make was to decide the recipe source. I settled for my New Joy Of Cooking as it looks the least intimidating.

Conclusion: Wonderfully sweet! Very tender crumb. Having been convinced that I, too, can turn out a fluffy cake, I am very encouraged to keep improving my cake making skills.


  1. this sponge cake looks really yummy... can show receipe?

  2. maybe my next try shall be a sponge cake! whee!


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