Mi Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancakes)

Mi jiang kueh stalls are something that I would usually see in a morning market. Perhaps most people who eat it only have it for breakfast, but for Hubby who was an avid fan of Jolly Bean, he could eat this at any time of the day. Whenever I go marketing, I would be sure to get some of these for him (I don't eat this as I don't care much for peanuts!).

I first had the idea of making this pancakes when I still had access to Kitchen Capers and one of its members requested for others to share a recipe for this pancake. Before I was able to jot down the recipe, I was already denied access. Sigh.... Thank goodness I found another wonderful website with this recipe!

This was how the first piece turned out, guess I didn't grease the pan evenly enough and did not add enough batter.

Hubby made the second one. This time round he greased it properly and also cooked it over ultra low flame to achieve the light brown colour.

This is how the cross-section looks like. Honeycomb texture! Yay!!

Hubby said that this is better than Jolly Bean. Haha.... Guess he won't be patronising them anymore for pancakes, but maybe for their soya bean milk. =P


  1. Rene, sorry you got denied access to KC, coz you signed up at the time when Gina is stopping new membership. If you are really interested in joining, how about you email Gina regarding this? I believe if you are really interested in cooking/baking and sharing knowledge, she'll would accept your sign-up?

    Btw, the MJK looks good!


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