You-teows and Harm-chin-pengs

So, my Hubby has been bugging me to do something with our "guest" in the fridge. Yeah, and he seems to think we ought to get some "rent" from this free-loader. So, I took a good chunk of the pre-ferment out of the fridge and tried to make something edible. And guess what? We ended up with you-teow and harm-chin-peng. Yes, your eyes didn't play tricks on you. When they came out of the oven, that was what Hubby christened them. Funny that I didn't think of them this way given my "expert" shaping skills.

Just think of the you-teows are gaint bread sticks and the harm-chin-pengs as mini boules.

The you-teows are nice and crunchy with little crumb in the centre. The harm-chin-pengs are so airy inside that they look like the ugly cousins of the beautiful and quaint-looking Puff Ball pictured in the book Dough.

The taste of bread made with a pre-ferment is amazing. I have never made pre-ferment before and so I was quite blown away with the rich flavour of the bread. I just love this book so much that I knew that I had to order it, which I did. Thanks to this book, I have regained a little confidence in bread making and I can't wait to try out other items on the book.


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