You need to ... what??!!

My Hubby turned around and looked at me, as if I had grown another two heads.

"Yes, I need to feed it now, if not that poor thing is going to die on me soon." I almost half pleaded for him to see the light of it. But I already knew that it was a lost cause.

Hubby doesn't read enough bread making book to know that fact, or so I tried to remind myself while he bore holes into my back with his incredulous stares.

So I proceeded to make a simple dough of bread flour and water, and added the previous piece of dough into it. This is done to feed the yeast in the dough with more flour (for them to digest), hence the term "feed the dough".

While I was finishing up the mixing and covering the dough with a cling film, Hubby asked again, "So, when exactly are you going to bake that dough?"

"No, darling, I am not going to bake the whole dough, but only to add a portion of it to the next batch I am baking. This is only a pre-ferment." I replied.

And now his look went from incredulous to that of exasperated. "You mean to keep feeding this piece of thing and it will be living in our fridge permanently?"

"Pretty much."

::: How I fed my pre-ferment :::

1. Measure the weight of the dough. (Eg. Weight of dough = 164gm)

2. Measure out the flour to double the weight of the dough. (Eg. Weight of flour = 164 gm x 2 = 328gm)

3. Measure out the water to exactly the weight of the dough. (Eg. 164gm)

4. Mix the flour and water together and add the previous dough to it. {At this point my dough was very dry and shaggy looking, so I added more water. Another 30gm)

5. Mix well with a dough scraper. Flour a bowl and turn the dough into it. Cover tightly with a cling film and refrigerate.


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