Demise of Gourmet

Gourmet Magazine will stop its press machine after the last copy of their November issue leaves the print house. It's a sad news for foodies around the world.

Still remember I was sitting on the fence about getting The Gourmet Cookbook previously? Well, with this news, it seems to me that it is a sign for me to get it. Actually, get them, since they came out with Gourmet Today recently. It is something like getting a memorabilia, but not quite since they only contain recipes but not articles.

The foodie world has been a buzz with talks of this news, but I find that this article written by the editor of my favourite cookbooks in NYTimes most though evoking. Especially when the author wrote: "The world needs fewer opinions and more thoughtful expertise ...". No doubt that the Internet space is full of white noise, but there are gems to be found and there is no stopping people from sharing whatever that they wish to share. And this led me to consider what is the purpose of this blog. Am I one of those people who are half-baked but still would like to give my opinions?


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