Korean Seafood Scallion Pancakes & Kimchi Fried Rice

I just found out first-hand that it is really hard to snap a photo with your iPhone in one hand and a pancake in another. This is one of the very rare instances that I which I look into human genetic modification with hope.

My mom carted over one scarily huge squid (what do they feed squids these days?) and two large bags of prawns yesterday afternoon. And she told me I could do whatever I want with them. That's what you get from your mom when you are an adult. Freedom. And the responsibility to produce dinner, of course.

I chopped up the seafood and loosely followed Mark Bittman's recipe for the batter and relinquished the task of frying to my mom. Before long, we had a batch of the crispiest savoury pancakes ever.

Between our little princess, my mom and me, we ate so many pancakes that we had to remind each other to keep some for the other dinner attendees. It was hard to do that, but we did manage to save each of them a piece.

Since we had too much seafood left, I also made Kimchi Fried Rice with the over-ripe kimchi sitting in my fridge.

I think I am falling in love with Korean food all over again.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Korean food. This looks so yums! I love pancakes and kimchi fried rice. Now I feel like eating it too! :)


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