The Need To Get Outdoors

I don't think that I have ever mention here that during his younger days, Hubby was sort of a dare-devil. Together with his group of friends, they would do ridiculous things which until today, they would laugh at themselves whenever they talk fondly of the past. Some of the crazy things I heard them do were walking a round of Singapore on foot (!!), jumping off a cliff and into a pool of unknown depth at an old mining quarry at Pulau Ubin (!!!) and, of course, the infamous walk around the now-defunct Bidadari Cemetery at night (!!!!). What other stuff they had done? I could only guess and probably Hubby would have told his friends numerous times "Don't Tell My Mother ".

Now I look at my little princess, I can almost see some streaks of adventure seeking nature in her. There was once I caught her climbing out on the rail of our planter with her body half bent over looking 4 stories down to the ground floor. My knees nearly buckled. Another incident saw her balancing herself while standing on the seat of her kiddy tricycle while it was free wheeling. My heart was in my mouth.

But I was told that there are even more hair raising feats done by kids half her age. I don't know how to console those parents.

I had once read "You will never know that your heart can exist outside your body until you have a kid".

In my daily rush to get our little princess to do her homework, dinner ready, house decently clean, laundry put away, etc, I have neglected to bring her outdoors to expend some of her energy and for fresh air. I have forgotten the simple pleasure of exploring every nook and cranny of a playground or the glee when zooming  down a slide. Bad mummy.

From these pictures, it is almost evident that a 15-minute session at a playground does brighten the kid's day, regardless of how hopeless the design may be.


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