Good Read: The Burglar's Breakfast

Today is the official start of the school holiday programme for our little princess at her kindergarten. It had been delayed by two weeks due to the halt for her school year-end concert rehearsals. With this, our little princess has completed her pre-school education and her teachers gave the thumbs-up that she is all ready to move on into formal schooling.

Except emotionally. The start of this year's school holiday programme is bitter-sweet for our little princess as it marks the last few days in the school which she has grown up with for the past 4 and a half years. I can already foresee that she will miss the place and teachers since she had asked if she could visit them from time to time.

I am still wrecking my brains how to help her overcome her reluctance to let go and anxiety of moving on to a new environment. Parenting is a treacherous path to thread.

As the first line of defense, I have piled on a series of books to keep her occupied and Hubby is upping her outdoor activities to expend her energy.

And for the second line of defense ... I don't quite know yet.

Anyway, yesterday we read this very interesting book, The Burglar's Breakfast, which I had thought that our little princess will be able to read without much difficult on her own. But as her ever pampering mother, I read the whole book to her. Sigh ... I can't help it. She is always my baby.

Our weekday breakfast is always touch and go affairs. Most of the time, we all head out of the door with an empty stomach. It is a deplorable condition, but I am just too lazy to do much about it. So with the help of this book, I hope to remedy the situation slightly by making it interesting at breakfast for our little princess. We are going to have the Alfie's favourite breakfast foods which the story basically revolve around.

And this morning, we had scrambled eggs! I think that's a promising start to eating breakfast.


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