Breakfast Time Trial

I feel so happy to be back here blogging again! 

Since my last post in August, things around me got hectic. School tests and then more school tests (yes, even though they did away with formal exams, they are still tested pretty much the same way before they did away with the exams!). My work picked up pace as well which saw me banging on my keyboard more often (and also more loudly!).

But all is not lost ... not totally, at least. I had managed to keep a mini photo-log of my foodie life on my iPhone (thank goodness for phone camera). So please excuse those low quality photos as I am still on iPhone 3GS. Those posts will come up in a while.

Anyway, today's post is about something I intend to be making for our little princess once she starts the morning session next year. And I came up with this idea.

The traditional Japanese breakfast. We had rice with some sprinkles, stir-fried spinach, omelette, grilled salmon and miso soup with carrots and lotus roots.

The main intention is to make sure that she starts the day with a full tummy which will be able to last her till she finishes school at 1.30pm everyday next year. I know it is going to be a long shot given the amount of preparation it requires and our household has a long standing history of skipping breakfast but I guess I will have to try.

We did a time trial this morning and failed miserably! -.-' It took 1 hour and 20 minutes just to get the food ready on the table! I know I wouldn't want to wake up that early in the morning to cook breakfast. I just love my bed too much. But of course, the time trial fail partly due to the fact that some of the work which could have been done the night before wasn't done. So we intend to do another time trial again to try streamline this. Am I start to sound like some F1 pit manager?

This breakfast last a good 5 hours before I felt hungry, so I thinking I am barking up the right tree. Or at least barking up some tree.

Happy weekend, everybody!


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