I Should Remember

I think I have become a very cynical person over the years but events that have happened this week had pretty much made me want to re-evaluate my view of this world.

A few days ago, I officially became an aunt when my sister delivered. Carrying that little milky-smelling bundle in my arms made me admire the wonders of life. How can this little thing be so perfectly built? I would like to send my compliments to the Chief Engineer and Project Manager. However, this is not to say that I don’t think my princess was less perfect, but I don’t remember feeling this awe when looking at her in her newborn state. I was in too much pain.

On the way to the hospital to visit my sister, we stopped by a few shops to pick up some stuff. I was standing at a bakery scanning their wares when suddenly this little boy, I guess no older than 2 years of age, came to stand beside me. He held a $2 note in his hand and the other was on a pack of buns. He did not remove the pack from the shelf, merely putting his hand atop the pack and looking at the shop owner as if trying to indicate his interest. I stood there wondering how best to render assistance to someone so young. From experience, the mere presence of adults can be oppressive to a very young child. Before I could finish thinking, I admit my brains were quite fried that particular day, a lady came from behind me and approached the little boy.

Lady: “Boy, you want to buy that bread?” She was quite loud but sounded helpful.

The boy looked wide eyed at the lady and said nothing. Apparently he didn’t know the lady. His hand still atop the pack.

Lady: “Boy, you want to buy that bread? Then you give me your money.” She stretched her hand, palm up, in front of him.

The boy continued to look at her for a moment, as if trying to process what was said to him.

Lady: “Boy, you give me your money.”

At this point, all my red flags came up and was about to walk over to intervene in case she turned out to a crook trying to relief that boy of his $2 note.

Before I could walk over, the little boy handed over his $2 note and the lady took the pack of buns and headed straight for the cashier. I felt silly and relieved at the same time. But I was about to be surprised. The lady fished out some coins from her pocket to pay the cashier as the pack of buns cost $2.50. She then handed the pack to the little boy and walked off. Not turning her head back once. The little boy was all smiles and started tearing open the pack while half-running towards his mom, who was unaware of what happened.

On the way home after the visit, a mini van knocked into the back of our car. The impact was not great but our car bumper was looking not great either. While getting out of the car, I was mentally gearing up in case there would be an ugly showdown with the other driver. The guy was stunned but recovered enough to inspect our car and offered to pay for our repairs. There was not a single unpleasant word exchanged. Perhaps at this point, I should let you know that this was my brother’s car. The story will certainly turn out differently if it was mine.

I should remember that life is …

… not always about winning an argument.

… not always about being wary of crooks.

… full of miracles. 


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