Creeping Back With Crepes

Since my last post here, I worry everyday that I might just have lost my zeal and zest for posting here ever again. If that happens, I would have felt that I am losing something that I doing. Or whatever that I am doing here.

With the mid-year exams behind me (more precisely, my daughter), we found ourselves with lots of time on our hands during the weekends. The first weekend since the exams was spent in slumber as we recover both physically and mentally. At least for me. And then the second weekend, we were just staring at each other.





Crepes is one of our princess’s favourite snack. Every time when I do grocery shopping at Meidiya she would be walking around the supermarket with one of these in her hands. At $4.60 to $5.60 a pop, I am amazed that I still have spare change for the groceries.


I made a basic crepe recipe as well as the pastry cream from Joy of Cooking ( ‘97 Ed.) which I am very happy with both of them. The crepe did turn out to be soft and pliable when out of the pan but it did carry a very distinct egg-y flavour. The batter was fluid enough to enable easy swirling around the pan. The cooking time was less than 3 min on one side and 1 min on the other. In no time, I was flipping out all the crepes and gobbling them down as soon as they were filled. The pastry cream was wonderful but was tooth-achingly sweet. Instead of whisking with a machine, I whisked manually as I thought I should burn some calories before eating very many of them.

As I mentioned earlier, I gobbled them down too fast and didn’t have any decency to take a snap of the cross-section of what’s inside. In case your are wondering, I filled them with sliced bananas and pastry cream.

It was certainly a wonderful Sunday morning treat. But it would have been much better if someone else had made it for me.


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