School Holidays Don’t Go Away, Please

I love school holidays so much. Much more than my school going daughter I suspect. No waking up to the buzz on my Fitbit. No dragging my tired body to the sink. No desperate need to pump myself up with a strong morning drink. No hectic schedules to deal with. No grumpy child to handle. I love school holidays!!

But then, nothing lasts forever. In exactly 16 days time, we will be crashing back to reality. Sigh …

Princess has been working on her school work consistently since the beginning of the school holidays, albeit at a much reduced pace. Yes, even though school is out, we are still trying to keep the engine warm by going through more challenging areas of each subject. Gone is the era when a kid could have the whole  six weeks of holidays without ever touching a textbook. And woe to that.

I am going to enjoy these last few days of holidays while I can.


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