Chinese Overload

Since end of last year, I have been thinking of how to revamp our princess’s study programme. It was no small feat for these brains of mine which is beginning to show signs of early dementia. Or so I think.

I have realised very early on that relying on her Chinese textbook used in her school is not enough to carry her into upper primary’s Higher Chinese. To do Higher Chinese, one has to be able to use the language as one would its first. Which in our case is near impossible for both Hubby and I are not even proficient with the language even when we were in school. So what is this mummy to do when Her Highness insisted on doing Higher Chinese?  

In an effort to get her to read beyond her textbook, I went hunting for some suitable reading materials and collate them into bite-size. I told you it was no small feat.

Chinese vocab P3A

This was the vocabulary list of words which I culled from a short 500+ words story. Listing out was the easy part, but as you can see, I have not even worked out the definitions of these words yet!

My brains are seriously overloaded right now with Chinese words.



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