Quick Noodle Salad with Tofu


I love noodle salad. Carbs and fibre at the same time!

Technically this is a noodle salad even though I cheated with spaghetti. Hey, I was merely up-cycling the leftovers.

Since moving into our new place, I haven’t quite gotten used to the tiny space called kitchen. I am quite a disorganised person, so I need lots of space for prep. Well, I guess things will have to change if I really want to adapt. In fact, I have to.

So while I still carry on this internal struggle in my head, I have hungry mouths to feed. And what’s a desperate and lazy cook to do? Assemble.

Step 1: Assemble dressing.

Step 2: Assemble salad base (i.e. pasta/noodles, greens, tomatoes, wakame and tofu).

Step 3: Assemble dressing and salad base in a big plate.

Step 4: Assemble hungry mouths to the table.

I really like the Hosin-soy sauce dressing from Cook’s Illustrated as it uses ingredients which I always have in my pantry and it goes really well with any sort of noodles, even good when drizzled over plain tofu.

Wonderfully light meal for the upcoming sweaty summer days.


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