Mini Cheesecakes and Back To School

It is back to school after 10 days school break. The working-mommy part of me says, "Finally!", the mommy-mommy part of me says, "What?! Already?!" These two poles of mine really need to sort themselves out.

Terms 3 ended in a blitz with princess's last paper on the third day before the school term ends. The school celebrated Teachers' Day while handing out test results back to the kids. We made a mini cheesecake as a thank-you gift all her teachers and tutors. Teaching is a thankless job which many forget.

This cheesecake recipe was from Gourmet Today Cookbook and can also be found online at the Epicurious website. The taste was wonderful and rich while not being cloying. This is definitely a good recipe to make again. We made these the night before we gave them out as cheesecakes taste best after they have rested overnight in the fridge. I felt almost jealous of them as I craved for a similar undisturbed rest in somewhere cool after two hectic weeks of test preparations.

The last ten days of school break have been quite uneventful as we chose to stay put instead of a quick getaway as originally planned. Partly it was due to the Elections, partly it was also the fact that we couldn't make up our minds where we would rather be. So the best course of action, in this case, was inaction.

Princess loves to make desserts, so I guess we will be making many more in the coming months. I have forgotten how satisfying it is to have homemade desserts.


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