Conversation With A Pre-Teen

Conversation #36845

Princess: "Mummy, what's this in your phone's photo gallery?"

Me: "Oh, that's my 杏仁茶(Chinese Almond milk drink)."

Princess: "It looks like my slime."

Me: "..."

I still cannot phantom the joy of playing with slime.

This was indeed my precious homemade Chinese almond milk which I had to rationed carefully since I had made only a small quantity to try out. There are plenty of recipes out there, and me being me, I just bought a bag of Chinese almonds (南杏) and just winged it without any measurements. I am beginning to cook like my mum, with whom I am forever exasperated when I try to coax a recipe of my favourite dish out from her. So now I am equally unable to give a recipe here. Sigh ... I guess I am really my mother's daughter. But I will not leave you in the lurch. I made this Chinese almond milk based on this video from YTower Cooking Channel, so go check it. The method is so easy and the result is unlike any that I have had in Chinese restaurants. It is not thickened with unnecessary starch and it lives up to the name of being a 茶 (tea). Chinese almonds can be bought easily at any Chinese medical hall, Sheng Siong Supermarket or dry goods stalls in wet markets. Be sure to get the right Chinese almonds (南杏), its counterpart is terribly bitter.

I am slowly getting into making my own plant based milk at the same time that I am trying to ease dairy out of my diet. So far, I have tried soy bean milk and I had never looked back since. The only problem which prevents me from making soy bean milk as often as I would have liked, is that I have very limited ideas on what to do with the pulp after that. I hate the idea of throwing the pulp away, as it is perfectly edible, full of nutrients and fibre. I have already tried raw almond milk with success. The taste of the almond milk is surprisingly light and yet creamy at the same time. The pulp was then turned into almond cake, which I was not entirely happy with the recipe I tried, so I am not posting it here.


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