Corn Muffins ala Kenny Rogers

Saw this corn muffin recipe from Evan's page and I knew that I must make roasted chicken again so as to go with this corn muffin. Erm... sounds a bit like the tail waggin the dog, but I just want to create my complete Kenny Rogers experience last Saturday night.

Instead of making them into muffins, I baked it in my Pyrex dish and then cut them up. As I only managed to get medium grind corn meal (from Cold Storage), the resultant texture was slightly coarse and, just like Evan had described, it has a crunchy bite to it. But still, it is definitely a keeper!


  1. wow rene, u tried? looks good and glad u liked it. i thought coarse cornmeal would be better, seriously! and glad u did us all a favor by posting a pic of the cross section to see what it looks like on the inside. i didnt do it coz there wasnt much contrast. my lighting was yellow, the muffin was yellow, the corn were yellow too! so i didnt bother taking pics of the inside. happy u did =)

  2. Thanks again for sharing the recipe, Evan!


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