Creamy Korokke

While checking out some of the bento blogs, I came across this interesting entry about korokke making. From what I have read, korokke is the Japan-ised version of the western croquettes. Our little cherub loves anything that is fried with coated breadcrumbs, so I thought maybe I would try to introduce this to her. It is also a popular item for bentos, but I doubt it would stay crispy that long.

This recipe is from The Japanese Kitchen but I made a few substitutions to it. It was surprisingly simple to make, except for the frying part which is usually a messy business. Instead of using the panko breadcrumbs, I used homemade breadcrumbs which were finer, hence there were no crispy shards on my korokke. The korokkes has a tinge of sweetness on it, which puzzles me as I didn't add any sugar to it. Hmm....

Anyway, once they were out of the fryer, my little cherub couldn't keep her hands off them.

Let's take a smell taste first ...

Let's take a poke now!


  1. OMG Serene, your bebe is so BIG now! She is such a cutie! Thanks for showing me a recent photo of her! I am not able to download Yahoo messenger onto my work computer =( otherwise, I would try to chat with you. Anyway, I'll keep in touch via email. Take good care! Hugs, Susan from Hawaii

  2. Hi Susan,
    Good to hear from you. Yes, she is a big girl now, with more growing up still. Kids, they grow so fast! Keep in touch! {{Hugs}}


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