What's In My Kitchen?

NYTimes ran an article about what are the bare basic equipment a cook needs to do real cooking. I have to admit that I too tend to secretly envy those chefs on TV with fanciful kitchenware at their disposal. Just sit down to an episode from Nigella's cook show and tell me that you are not envious.

But after reading the NYTime article, I realised that my kitchen is not as badly equipped as I imagined after all. Or should I say that my kitchen is more equipped than this cook can handle?

Let's take a look at what I have in my kitchen.

8-inch Global chef knife
8-inch brandless chef knife
Brandless bread knife
Brandless fillet knife
Brandless chinese cleaver
Brandless paring knife
Brandless multi purpose knife
2 KAI Japanese vegetable knives
Brandless Japanese sashimi knife (bought last night!)
3 kitchen shears (1 KAI, 2 brandless)

KitchenAid stand mixer
Oven thermometer
Instant read thermometer
24-inch Pizza pan
Jelly roll pan
12-cup muffin pan
8-inch round cake pan
8-inch sqaure cake pan
8-inch loaf tin
10-inch loaf tin
2 cooling racks
3 pastry scrapers (1 metal; 2 plastic)
9 inch tube cake pan
10x8-inch baking tray
4 Pyrex glass baking dishes (or was that 5?)
Rubber spatula
Offset spatula
Medium size whisk
4 glass ramekins
8-inch loose bottom tart pan
10-inch loose bottom tart pan
Digital weighing scales
Analog weighing scales
Plastic measuring cup (which markings are barely visible now)
2 sets of plastic measuring cups

~ Electrical Appliances ~
4-rack built-in oven (I just don't know how many litres that would be)
Philips food processor with blender
Philips blender
Philips hand mixer
3 slow cookers (S,M,L)
Electric rice cooker
Toaster oven
Microwave oven
Tiger electric dispensing pot
Moulimex food chopper
Tefal electric kettle
Steamer-cum-steamboat electric pot

I am shocked .... I actually owned so many things? I definitely need to sit down and take a breather. I think I am becoming a packrat! Help!


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