Tokyo Photos (part 1)

These are some photos of our hotel room at Hilton Tokyo. It cost us most more than our previous stay but it was definitely worth every cent of it. Our little princess got more room to run around and we have more space for our shopping bags and also the stroller.

Taken from the entrance and Hubby surveying the landscape.

The king size bed. By the way, this is the King Jr Suite which cost us S$460 per night.

This is the entrance and toilet.

Here is a photo of what's outside our window. We were on the 21st storey.

So, out we go to look for some food.

First stop, Odakyu and Keio Plaza. Their supermarkets have a cooked food section which one would be spoilt for choice. Keio, of cos, has a bigger section and the food are of better deal. Ohhh, I missed the supermarkets so badly even now as I type!

One of the reasons, we chose to stay in Hilton (apart from my Hubby high standards for hotels) is that there is a free feeder bus to and from Odakyu (or the locals call it Shinjuku, cos the Shinjuku train station is under Odakyu shopping centre) right to and from the doorstep of the hotel. The bus leaves at every 20mins interval.

This is Keio Plaza. This is our main place to source for food everyday, be it the cooked or the uncooked.


  1. actually, we should arrange to go travelling together to japan soon.... the girls will have so much fun together!

  2. Haha, but my little one can be a she-devil during holidays! So be forewarned!


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