Bento #4 For Hubby

::: Today's Bento Menu :::
Lady's finger blanched in soy sauce
Sauteed zucchini
Pan-fried fish fillet (hidden)
Rolled pork with carrots and beans (hidden)
Brown rice with radish pickles

::: Today's Bento Menu For My Mom:::
Lady's finger blanched in soy sauce
Sauteed portobello mushrooms with asparagus
Pan-fried fish fillet (hidden)
Rolled pork with carrots and beans (hidden)
Steamed Japanese sweet potatoes rounds
White rice with rice sprinkles

Recently I have seen an improvement in my cooking. Finally, after so many years at it! Geez ... Well, I am proud to say that I am able to cook at least 3 dishes in one session and doing all that in under 90 minutes. Not a very glorious accomplishment to most, but it is to me. I realised that it all boils down to being very organised in the head! Planning is everything. Mise en place, my dear.

Anyway, I have been tasked by my sister to take charge of my mom's lunch today and so I have woke up early to prepare something special. It is hard to cook something special for my mom, cos she is a great cook. The only edge that I have is that I can pack a neat bento for her. Hope that she likes her lunch today.

It is really fun packing bento boxes, unfortunately I am not a very creative person. When packing, my mind is always thinking how the person who is going to eat the lunch would think of the presentation and food. Hubby even teased that I am overdoing it with the rice sprinkles and he won't be caught dead doing these. If he were to pack, he would most likely just do it ala-caifan (菜饭) style. Duh ...


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