My Christmas Turkey

Alright, alright ... It wasn't my turkey. I didn't cook it. It was precooked. Hey, heating up is not small task, okay?

I picked up the turkey along with a leg of ham and roast beef from Cold Storage and they all came cold. So I offered to heat up the larger items (ie. the turkey and ham).

This was the first time I put a whole turkey in my oven and having read some cookbooks certainly helps. At least I know how to tear the whole turkey up.

This was before it went into the oven. I added the veggies to the bottom of the pan to soak up the juices given up by the turkey during heating. And they were delicious!

I was so shocked that even just heating, the bird requires 1 hour and 45 mins in the oven. Well, now I know. Here's the finished product.

Happy holidays to my readers!


  1. Merry Christmas to you!!!
    Is the food nice?

    Many years ago, my friends & I also ordered fr Cold Storage. Being our first time ordering the food for X'mas, we naively thought it would be piping hot & could be consumed straight-away. Imagine our surprise at having to heat up on our own!!

    Hey congrats, u passed :)

  2. Hi Jasmyn, Thanks! I must say that the food was quite good. Value for money. I gave CS a pass for a couple of years as their stuff wasn't good. So imagine my surprise when I tasted the food this year. I hope they would keep this supplier for good.


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