Eye Candy Cupcakes

Photo are from The Sweet Life Begins

I have been staring at these photos for so long and still I don't know what to write about them. I mean, just look at how cute and loveable these are! What's there to write?

Photo are from The Sweet Life Begins

These were lovingly made by my best friend for her daughter's second birthday party. I can't bear to tell my princess that. Her mommy can't even manage to roll decent looking lion cookies!

That's just one of the stark differences between my best friend and I. Oh yes, we have many differences but that doesn't stop us from being best of friends. She is just so blessed with delicate finger that could do the most intricate work. When we used to make pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year, I would gladly leave the shaping of the dough to her. I'm quite sure no one would appreciate a flying saucer-shaped pineapple tart.

Now, I need to go ponder on what I am blessed with and work on it. I will have to think long and hard.


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