It Can Only Spell Trouble

The world must be crazy. It must be! If not, how does one explain the following madness:

Madness #1: Existence of dairy cows which produce human breast milk

Watching the interview of the scientist discussing how science and technology should be harnessed to feed the 1.5 billion hungry people in the world, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical about the real reason(s) for such un-natural creation. Did the scientist mean that human breast milk will be able to feed these hungry people while cow’s milk can not? When he spoke about the 1.5 billion hungry people, is his concern about world hunger or market share for his new product? And I’m sure that the Hippocratic Oath, which is taken by doctors, doesn’t apply to him.

When a scientist thinks like a businessman, it can only spell trouble.

Madness #2: Plastic softener in “bubbles/pearls” for bubble tea

As a former big time bubble tea drinker, I am shell-shocked. Of course I have heard about the obscene amount of sugar that goes into make the bubble tea (it is real sugar, right?), not to mention artificial flavourings, but this takes the cake. Plastic softener to make the “bubbles/pearls” more chewy? Thank you very much, I don’t need plastic IN my drink.

When a chemist thinks like a businessman, it can only spell trouble.

Madness #3: Growing cucumbers in space

Why did anyone think that we would need to try growing cucumbers in space? Something to keep green-fingered astronauts occupied during the long space missions? Or that growing cucumbers on earth is too dangerous as proven by the recent Europe E. Coli outbreak (although the outbreak at this point of writing seems to be traced to sprouts)?

When an astronaut thinks like a gardener, it can only spell trouble.


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