Tuna Sandwich With Pesto And Avocado

I know this looks more like a lunch sandwich than a breakfast sandwich.

But I didn't really feel like eating another cloyingly jam sandwich for another day. Work day morning rush calls for whatever that is expeditious. So weekend morning breakfasts are merely a function of how hard you want to work to make your breakfast an exceptional one.

And this morning, I decided that I will work that teeny bit harder by standing another 10 minutes in the kitchen assembling these sandwiches.

The bread was from the leftover of the manic/panic bread making session. The high butter content really comes through now that is toasted. It turns into this delicious golden brown without the need to apply butter to it. I like bread that saves me the hassle of buttering. I don't like to butter anybody's bread. Literally and figuratively speaking.

A generous spread of pesto, top with preferred greens, dollop a huge scoop of tuna (I had mixed it with some of the vinaigrette for Nicoise Salad) and add shredded carrots as well as sliced cucumbers. Then for the final topping, add as much avocado as you can pile on the sandwich. And that's it.

Washed down with a large mug of my morning tea, I think I am off to a good start for the weekend.

Have a good weekend!


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