Priority Shipment Next Time, Okay?

Somewhere between the time from clicking the "Order" button at the Amazon website to the time when I hold the last shipment of my previous orders in my hands, I will swear to myself that the next order with Amazon will be on Priority Shipment.

But after waiting for five weeks of waiting for my latest order, instead of a DHL courier man knocking on my door, I found myself queuing up at my local post office with a "Notice To Take Delivery" card in my hand.

So much for trying to save that additional U$25.00.

And the other lesson that I learnt was never collect bulky book orders on my way to work. These hardcovers provided real challenge for my nonexistant arm muscles and good entertainment for the few workers sitting by the roadside for a mid-morning break as I struggle all the way from the post office to the car on my heels.

Next time, I will order on Priority Shipment!


  1. Oh.. I usually ship using vPost. It cost so much less and doesn't take 5 weeks.. It wont ship as fast as Priority Shipping though. :)


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