New Plants For The Planter

It has been a long time since my planter had some decent looking plants. Most of the previous batches are either dead or half dead. My planter is just too hot for most plants. Even the rosemary which I had thought would not mind the heat.

When I got to the nursery, I had initially wanted to pick up a pot of Thai basil for cooking. That's it. Just a pot of Thai basil. Seriously. And then they placed these beautiful pots of little flowers just at the entrance and they were so pretty that I couldn't stop myself. I know I will surely kill them within the month, but Hubby said that it is still cheaper than buying me a bouquet of flowers. Sigh ... So these fellows came home with me.

Just look at the bunch of them! They simply brighten up the whole planter and makes me smile every morning when I water them before heading out of the door.

I am still no wiser about how to take care of these plants except that I need to water it twice a day cos they are very heavy drinker. So I will have to learn as I go along.


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