Dim Sum - Peony Jade Restaurant @ Keppel Club

Last Saturday was my birthday. 

I had initially put an exclamation mark after the word birthday, but I just couldn't muster up that much enthusiasm as I am grimly reminded that I am a year older. I have always joked with my friends that I stopped counting my age after I turned 21. Seriously, every time I had to fill up a form I need to perform some calculations before penning in my age. That's also a sign of aging, by the way.

Anyway, my sister suggested that we visit our favourite dim sum place for lunch and I gladly agreed. I love this place. The food quality is great, the pricing is reasonable and most important of all - it is quiet. The last factor seem increasingly important to me these days. Perhaps it is some eccentricity that I am developing as I age.  

Their lunch starts at 11am but we had agreed to meet my family there at 11.30 am instead. When we sat down, the wait staff promptly placed the dim sum menu on the table with little plates of candied cashew nuts and dipping chili sauce.

Somehow I felt that the wait staff were quite wary of this guest wielding her monsterous DSLR, so I felt the need to be more careful when snapping photos. Fortunately, the lightings were just right I had could switch off my flash.

The menu was 4 pages long but I had only managed to snap this. It has vegetable selections as well as rice/noodle selections.

Looking at this reminded me that a friend had asked if I knew how to make candied walnuts served at Crystal Jade. Need to look into that.

We started off with the ubiquitous century egg pork porridge. This porridge was ladled by my girl and hence the drip at the side. So just pretend that the drip was not there, okay?

The vegetable selection offer about 6 types of vegetables and 4 style of preparation. We ordered a few vegetables, but I had only managed to grab this photo of the stir-fried garlic asparagus.

I love carrot cakes. They are such comfort food. Reminds me of my childhood breakfasts.

Roast duck and honey spare ribs which are absolutely delicious. The portion was just right with everyone having only a bite. Okay, I had two of each.

I have no idea who ordered this and I have no idea how this tasted. The green looks so unnatural! By the way, that was suppose to be some deep-fried wasabi prawn roll thingy.

Their seafood roll was so-so although deep fried to perfection. Not greasy at all.

I almost finished this whole plate of the prawn rice-roll (chee cheong fun). I love eating this and am seriously considering putting this on my last meal list.

Now, this is the real reason why we came to Peony Jade. Their custard buns are just absolutely divine. We ordered so many of these little suckers that I think the kitchen was probably running very low after we left.

Sorry, I just don't know how to take a pretty bite. Just look! Creamy, slightly salty custard. Oh, and they do give nasty burns on tongue if you don't watch it.

And then there is the chicken feet, ordered at the request of my little girl. I guess I was about her age when I started eating chicken feet as well. It is the rite of passage to foodism.

There were just so many more dishes which we ordered but I gave up snapping photos when our table was so heavily laden and the wait staff were desperately trying to find some space for our orders on the table.

I don't want to think how many thousand calories I had put into my body for this meal. Life is too short for calorie counting.

Happy Birthday to me!


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