Garden Dilemma

2012-12-07 19.09.08

As I packed up and get ready to move, I realised that I have apparently forgotten to consider something for the move – my plants.

Our new roof-over-our-heads comes with an extremely large and spacious balcony with plenty of morning sun which seems like an ideal place to grow plants. However, I I am reluctant to move my plants over still. And this morning while I am tapping out this post, I learn something about myself. (If you have been following me here for some time, you will see lots of this eureka moments.) I had to admit to myself that I am not a diligent person.

Diligent (adj): Having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.

Case in point: See that some plastic container on the left of the photo? That was the container with all the need seedlings that have sprouted weeks ago and were desperately waiting for transplanting. Their leaves turned yellow due to lack of nutrients. I was always putting it off for another day. Same thing goes for trimming of the plants. These plants were badly in need of trimming but I just didn’t do it because I rationalised that I don’t have any dish to add the harvested herbs to.

However, having said all that it has been really nice to have herbs growing in my balcony. There was once my mom asked me: “I don’t understand why you would want so many pots of plants in your house. Think of all the creepy crawlies!” And my reply to her was a simple one. The satisfaction of seeing plants grows makes my soul glad.

So now I am at the crossroad and I can’t quite decide what to do with my plants.

In case you are wondering what happened to those yellowed seedlings, don’t worry about them, they got their own places in containers with plenty of nutrient rich soil and had burst out with lots of leaves.


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