Mini Pancakes

Since the start of the school year, Hubby has been the breakfast cook. I had already told him way before our princess started primary school that I won’t be able to drag myself out of the bed at such unearthly hour. So the man took it upon himself to make the sleepy heads morning food every school day.

So I told myself that IF I ever wake up early, I would be the breakfast cook. This morning I was given the chance. I managed to crank open my eyes and start crawling out of my bed. While sluggishly moving across my bedroom floor, I thought it would be nice to have pancakes with lots of maple syrup on it. So that’s what came out of my kitchen this morning.


It took me less than 20 minutes to assemble the batter and wash up. Then I just tuck the batter into the fridge while I wait for the sleepy heads to wake up.

The recipe for this pancake from Cook’s Illustrated. Head over to Cook Like a Champion and take a look at her Blueberry Pancakes. But here’s a little secret that your won’t find in the recipe but I will gladly let you in on: let your pancake batter sit for a while and you will be rewarded with fluffy and tall pancakes! Serious, I truly believe it even though it is plausible to assume that Cook’s ought to have reported on this if it was so.

The batter came out to be quite thick (to the point where it is not even pour-able), which was fine with me as I wanted tall pancakes rather than flattish ones. Instead of making them to be as big as those hotcakes served at McDonald’s, I decided to make mini ones so that we could pick it up and eat it with our fingers. Fluffy interior with crispy exterior and edges. Drenched with maple syrup and/or a thick slather of Nutella, it was a sugar addict wish came true.

We have been having Japanese styled breakfast for many weeks, so I thought that perhaps our little princess would welcome a break from the rice-fish-soup combo. Although she ate quite a few pieces of the pancakes and gave the pancakes a “Good” rating, she still prefer her Asian-style breakfast which is savoury. Well, at least I had tried to provide her with some variations.


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