Paul From London

A chicken sandwich specially brought in by my mum when she returned after a week's holiday in London. She ate at the more authentic Paul while in Paris at the beginning of her trip. How I wish I was there with her!
Does the chicken sandwich taste any different from what they serve here? I will have to try the shop at Taka to know. But on its own, it was certainly delicious (despite the 12-13 hours flight back) enough for our dinner.


  1. I like Paul too.. but I like the pastries in general more than the sandwiches.. Their lemon tart rocks (at least in London it does).. and they sell these mini choux pastries with chocolates that are so good.. esp when they are freshly out of the oven! YUM! It's my favourite lunch when I visit the London office..

  2. Yeah! I love their (Singapore) lemon tarts too! :)


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