Another Blueberry Scones Post



These are the first batch of blueberry scones from our new oven.

I found some leftover buttermilk from previous pancake making session and also a bit of plain yogurt sitting around in the fridge.

As I have said umpteen times here that I am the least creative person in the world, I just stuck to making what I know. And what I know is that scones and muffins can be made from any sort of dairy products. So I mixed the yogurt into the buttermilk and add the mixture into the dry ingredients.


Airy, crumbly and tangy scones.



Arghhh … this photo doesn’t do justice to the scones. I have, erm …. somehow, misplaced my big girl camera during the move. I am quite sure it is sitting somewhere around. (I hope!)



Enjoying these for breakfasts and/or tea breaks is one of the best things I like during hectic days. Especially when it is toasty and with a big cup of tea.


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