So, What’s Your Style?

Recently, Hubby bought a pair of shoes from Rad Russel. There is absolutely nothing special about his pair of work shoes, just that our little princess commented that the soles of the shoes looked colourful. Don’t ask me why they would bother to use such vivid coloured fabric for in the soles of a pair of relatively serious looking, well-cut men’s shoes. Perhaps it is meant for people who take off their shoes pretty often (think: property agents in showflats) or those whose eyes are located on their soles.

So after she made that comment this morning in the car en-route to school, Hubby pointed me to the FT’s How To Spend It which frequently run articles discussing about styles of people. He said that the style of a person is pretty much determined by the one single item/theme that always appear on the person’s outfit. So this set me thinking about what my style is.

I was still thinking about it later on my way to work. Just before I picked up my stuff and leave the car, I saw what best described my style.

2013-04-25 12.10.28

This is me.

Leather. Books. Shades. Black.

And messy. Or you could call it free-form.

Now, I am so glad to have discovered something about myself.

And I feel disturbed by my messiness.


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