Cold Tofu with Miso-Garlic Dressing


Despite cooking and eating miso soup for innumerable times, I have to confess that there are still a lot that I don’t know much about miso. So one day at the supermarket, I decided to give the yellowish looking white miso a try. You see, I have been buying brownish looking miso since my very first pot of miso soup.

And then disaster struck! Having a quick taste before adding to the soup, I found that the white miso tasted a tad too sweet for a decent pot of miso soup! 

Frustrated at being denied a bowl of soup and bewildered at what exactly I ought to do with this packet of this white miso, I went digging for some answers.


As it turns out, white miso is sweeter and lighter in taste, colour and texture. It is said that it is more suited for use in salad dressings, glaze and marinades! Argh …

Moral of story: do your homework beforehand.

Well, there is no use crying over a packet of sweet miso now. So I made a salad dressing out of it, as the first attempt to run down this 1 kg packet

This recipe for the miso-garlic dressing was adapted from NYTimes. I left the yogurt out and increased the amount of garlic for mine.

I wouldn’t say that this is the perfect recipe for miso dressing that I had in mind as it seems to lack something in it. But as a temporary holding recipe until I can find another one that suit my taste, I would say that it is good dressing with cold tofu. Perfect as a light side dish or first course.


Except that for the amount of garlic that I dumped into the mixture would have killed a vampire. Or people around you.

Next up is a miso glaze I have made the miso-ginger glaze for fish and eggplant based on the recipe from Food Network’s Bobby Flay.


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