Sichuan Boiled Beef Slices in Fiery Sauce

In the days gone by when Hubby had to do heavy entertaining, he would frequent the Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant located at UOB Centre. And one of his favourite dish there is the "shui zhu nui rou" (literally means beef boiled in water). But of course the beef is not boiled in water, but in a spicy and delicious stock.

I discovered my passion for cooking and baking when I was attending home economics in school, but I never have the chance to do much outside of it since my mom is a wonderful cook. But this passion was rekindled when I got married and hope to feed my hubby well, much like Julia Child (but of course, I haven't taken it to such high level as she did). So this dish is made specially for him and I am so glad that he gave a thumbs up! Cooks usually feel good when their food is appreciated! (^.^)

But be forewarned that this dish may cause over-eating of rice, cos the sauce when drizzled over hot steaming rice taste so wonderful!

Sichuan Boiled Beef Slices in Fiery Sauce
(adapted from The Land of Plenty by Fuchsia Dunlop)
Marinate and set aside:
450g flank steak, cut into thin slices
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp Shaoxing wine

Heat wok and fry till fragrant and set aside to cool:
3 tbsp cooking oil
8-10 dried chillies
2 tsp ground Sichuan pepper
When cooled sufficiently to be handled, finely chop the chillies.

Fry in the same oily wok and spread over serving dish:
5 sticks celery, cut into matchstick size
4 spring onions, cut into matchstick size

Heat wok and add then allow to simmer:
3 tbsp cooking oil
3 tbsp Sichuan chilli bean paste
2 tsp dark soy sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1 Knorr ikan billis stock base cube
3 cups water

In a bowl, mix:
4 tbsp potato starch
4 tbsp water

Add potato starch mixture to the marinated beef slices and stir to mix well. Then drop the beef slices into the simmering stock and bring to boil. Using a pair of chopsticks, seperate the beef slices. When the beef is cooked, pour it over the prepared vegetables.

To serve, heat wok and add:
3 tbsp cooking oil
Prepared finely chopped chillies.
Drizzle over the dish.


  1. wha lau.. i think my tongue will burn.. but it looks really yummy :P

  2. hi rene, i bloghopped from angie's. you've got a fantastic blog, am gonna try out some of yr recipes. keep up the good work!


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