Finally, ... my bread is here

After so many months of procastination, I managed to get my butt going. But I must credit Mr. Richard Bertinet of Dough for getting me started. I have been trawling through books and internet on bread making and the more I read, the more confused and intimitated I become of picking up the yeast and flour. However, Mr. Bertinet said very aptly that "do you need to know how a carburetor works to learn how to drive?" This revelation hit my like a oncoming train. Duh! Well, as the saying goes: Analysis till paralysis.

After the initial (major, if I may add) hiccup of ingredients measurement, I managed to get the dough going. The dough is really soft and wonderful to work with. Easy for shaping, too, considering that I am such a freshie at it. So here's my first batch of fougasse, please excuse my lousy shaping techinque.

Shaped and baked by me:

Shaped by me and baked by Hubby:

Well, I think Hubby is a much better baker than me! Hmph....


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