Running out of shelf space

First off, Happy New Year to all my readers and may the coming new year be better than the last!

After what seem to be a whirlwind holiday break, I decided to pack up and put away some of my shopping done during the past days of the year end sale. Among the stash, I have got many cookbooks, enough to last me for the next few months. Yipee!! Or at least till I am unable to surpress my urge to buy the other 14 cookbooks which I have short-listed from Amazon. (^.^)

Trying to find some shelf space for these:

## Update on my bread making project ##

Well, I still haven't gotten round to actually do the practical part of it yet. Yes, I am a sluggard. In the meanwhile, I am currently reading "A Blessing Of Bread" by Maggie Glezer. It is a book about Jewish breads mainly, but still a wonderful read for the basics in bread making. It is really encouraging to hear that you don't have to use pre-ferments to have good bread; just let it have longer proving time to develop its flavour. Another interesting fact which I learnt about Jewish tradition is that throwing of bread to diners at the table after a blessing is actually proper. So the next time if my little cherub flings a piece of bread of across a table, I may meekly say: "Hey, you know that's perfectly alright by Jewish tradition!" ;)