Simmered Chicken with Leeks

This is one of the Japanese recipes which I have found and adapted from a mircowave recipe to a stovetop recipe. Both my hubby and I like this dish for it's simplicity and taste.

Serve this standalone dish with hot rice! Enjoy!

=== Simmered Chicken with Leeks ===
* 1 tbsp cooking oil
* 600g chicken breasts, cut to bite size
* 1 slab of konniyaku, cut to bite size
* 1 stalk of leek, washed and cut to 3 cm length
* 2 green peppers, cut to bite size
* approx. 1 cup water

Sauce Ingredients:
* 2 tbsp sake
* 1 tbsp mirin
* 1.5 tbsp sugar
* 3 tbsp soy sauce

1. Combine Sauce Ingredients with chicken. Set aside.

2. Heat oil in saucepan until hot. Saute the leeks until softened. Add seasoned chicken into saucepan. Cook until chicken is opaque on the outside.

3. Add water, konniyaku and green peppers. Cover and simmer until the green peppers are tender.


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