My New Love - Freezer

I am starting to see the rewards of having a freezer well stocked with homemade food. I am a believer!

Having cleared out some science projects and other unidentified stuff residing in my freezer, I have stocked it with some simple, freezer friendly items that I could think of. Thus far, I have gyoza, sausage patties, yakitori chicken balls and vegetable spring rolls all chilling in my freezer. This is almost the maximum I could stuff inside for now.

I realised that there would be at least once a week, we would dip into our freezer bank for a quick meal when we were just too beaten up to stand another minute in the kitchen. And also, after studying all the bento books (read: looking at pictures), I think freezer really plays a big part in the food preparation. No way would anyone be able to cook in peace given the morning rush hour. Having some items in the freezer does help reduce the prep time. Because of this, I am thinking maybe I should step up my efforts to increase my freezer bank credits.