My New Love - Freezer (II)

Amongst the books that I bought when I was in Tokyo were some books on freezing food. I know I have blogged about this before and when I saw those books I knew I had to get them. Heck! Translation can come later.

So now, everytime when Hubby goes market, I would stash some fresh food away in the freezer for future use. But the prep work can be quite a killer. Just look at the above chicken breast meat for example. I had to debone the chicken breasts, wash, dapped dry with kitchen paper towel and use a cling film to wrapped it tight and then put them into a zipper bag. Then using a straw, suck out all the air to create a vaccum. Freeze them flat to save space. Is that tedious or what?!

But the benefits? The food uses like those conveniently store bought prepacked frozen food. I've portioned everything into serving size, so I just take out as much as I need to use. And previously I would be hard pressed to finish cooking all those food in the fridge after a few days they arrive from the market. Now with this method, I am hoping that I have a longer option period.

So far, I have managed to try out some of the freezing ideas from those books. Hopefully I will be to try out more ideas such as cooked sauces, par cooked vegetables, etc.