Kiddy Lunch Bento

I took out another bento box today which my sister has carted back from Japan. This is a two tier box (top 330ml, bottom 250ml). I love the bright cheery orange colour!

We were watching The Incredibles and she was a bit distracted.

Opening up the box ...

Let's try some items ...

Here is a close up of what is in the box.

Here lunch box is made up of breaded pork fillet, spring rolls and steamed cauliflower with brown/white rice. She didn't like the spring rolls. Sigh... if I had known I won't have bother with it, cos I had to do major cleaning up of all the oil splatters! (-.-')

Here a pic of the two tiers.

As I mentioned in the earlier blog that the volume of the box roughly equals the calories, obviously this box was just too big for her to handle. She finished 2/3 of the rice 5 finger size pieces of breaded pork and most of the cauliflower.

If you are interested to learn more about the volume and calories thingy, check this site. It is a wonderful site packed with lots of information on the how-tos of bento making.


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