Review Of My 2007 Food Forecast

With just about 10 or so more weeks to go before the year ends, I can't help but look back on of how my food resolutions for 2007 had turned out so far.

* Bake Bread

Despite owning and having read (and still reading!!) quite a few books on bread making, I didn't even turn out a loaf of bread! Yes, I had made bread, but they are more like trying out the wonderful book, Dough. So I won't say that I have completed this resolution.

* Go Japanese

Oh yeah, I have not only gone Japanese in my choice of food but also gone to Japan and learning Japanese now! (^.^)

* Go Thai

This area is still currently unexplored. The only progress I have made on this was that I bought this very interesting book on Thai cooking.

* Eat your veggies

Well, I didn't actually made an effort to eat my veggies, but in my cooking of Japanese food, I had cooked dishes with lots of veggies in it. So, yeah, in a way, I am eating my veggies.

It seems I scored 2 out of 4 so far. If you are wondering will I be bringing the 2 relatively untouched resolutions forward to next year? I wonder too.


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